Is Florida trying to curtail residential solar?

If you are a homeowner who wants to get the best deal on solar for your Florida home you may want to pay attention. It is common for utility companies to attempt to make it difficult for citizens to upgrade their homes by adding solar panels and I read an article recently that indicates Florida homeowners need to be prepared to defend the right that was won by defeating Amendment 1 in 2016.

Florida is one of 47 states to have net metering. In a nutshell what net metering does is make it so that a homeowner who uses solar panels on their homes gets credit from the utility for the energy they send into the grid. Florida also requires utility companies to expedite the interconnection process for homeowners who upgrade to solar and the companies are now saying solar users are costing them $39 million a year in upgraded equipment costs that they have to pass on to their non solar customers. Is it possible that having to upgrade equipment for less than 1% of their customers is really having that kind of economic impact? We have seen utility companies try to use solar customers as a scapegoat before and in my opinion it doesn't take too much digging to see they are not being completely forthcoming.

Even though there was little notification that the Public Service Commission was reviewing the issue, around 16,000 Floridians sent letters to the Commissioners to make their opinions on the matter heard. One take away from excellent article I will link is the PSC Commissioners said if they do change net metering rules they will "grandfather" existing customers. I would suggest if you are considering upgrading your home to solar you (1) begin the process soon and (2) pay attention to what is happening in Tallahassee in regards to solar energy.


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