Is now the best time to upgrade your home with solar?

Let’s say you want to upgrade your home with solar panels to make your house greener and self-sufficient. You might want to think twice about the timing of your installation. Many people are waiting for the sunny summer days to get in touch with a solar contractor but we believe the best time could be now through early Spring. Why you may ask? One reason is solar insolation tables. I know that is a pretty sexy phrase right? Well let's simplify things. If you are like most people your motivation for "going solar" is to save money using solar energy. If that is the case it might interest you to know that solar production is not linear, solar panels do not produce the same power every month. Frequently we see solar energy systems in the Tampa area producing more in April than they do in August. If you live here you know why. You also have to consider the time between when you decide to meet with a solar consultant and the time in which a solar system will be installed and turned on. If you have ever undertaken a major home improvement project and had to deal with permitting agencies and/or utility companies you will understand it does take time.

I recommend getting your quotes now, having your system installed and powered on before March is a great idea and it will allow you to have a great experience and enjoy the best savings from your solar system this year. It is certainly better than waiting until June, when the rush is on, and having to pay those higher utility bills again this summer.

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