How bright is the future of solar energy in America?

Updated: Jan 6

Would you believe solar energy accounts for 43% of the new electric generating capacity in the United States? That is pretty big news, but according to a report from the Solar Energy Industries Association it is a fact, you can see the link here In the same report you will find solar energy has an expected 43% year over year growth rate when all the dust settles for 2020. Not bad for a year when Covid-19 caused slow downs in a lot of industries and solar experienced a terrible second Quarter.

It seems more and more people are considering powering their homes with solar energy and this seems like as good a time as any to make the transition. Most people who are interested in upgrading their homes to solar are motivated by saving money with solar power, a Pew Research poll tells us 96% of homeowners who use solar panels on their homes are motivated by saving money. That research also tells us in the South Atlantic region 51% of homeowners strongly considered solar energy for their homes in 2019.

2021 seems like a good time to look into getting the best solar value for a home in Florida since the solar ITC is being held at the current level of 26%. We may not know what is going to happen in a lot of areas but we can be reasonably sure the sun is going to shine in Florida.

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